you need
  • computer.
Today, there are two ways, using which you can set the screen monitor best resolution.For the first method corresponds to the client interface card.The second method involves setting the desktop resolution through the properties screen .Each of the methods is fairly simple to perform and does not require any special computer skills.It should talk about each option in detail.
The first way - reducing the size of the screen using graphics interface agent.Immediately you should pay attention to the user at the time that the computer must already be installed for the collection of the necessary video drivers.Otherwise, the agent will not be available to the device.If you have installed the drivers, you can start working with the video agent by running it from the system tray.
Place your mouse cursor on the icon of the video card.This icon is in the system tray and is usually displayed in the form of the logo of the device manufacturer.Click this icon, right-click.In the command bar that appears, select "Screen Resolution ยป.Now you need to put the highest possible resolution - the higher the value, the smaller the size of the graphic elements will be displayed on the desktop.
Changing the resolution through the properties screen .This method is suitable for you in that situation, if you can not find in the system tray agent card.To access the properties of screen , click on the desktop, right-click.You need to click on a blank area.This opens the form in which you need to define the command "Properties".You will be available a window with multiple tabs.To zoom screen , open the "Settings" tab and move the slider to its maximum resolution.Save your changes.The graphics on the desktop is reduced in size.