on Ubuntu Linux by default log in as root will fail.To activate the account root, you need to know the password.Usually it is set during the installation of the system, but it can always be replaced.Open the "Terminal" ("Menu -" Programs "-" standard ") and enter the following command: sudo passwd root.Team «sudo» gives the system a signal that the following actions should be performed as root.After that, you will need to enter your old password, then a new one that you want to set.
Next you need to create the opportunity to log on locally as root-system.To do this, go to the option "System" - "Administrative Tools" - "
Login Window".Click the "Security" tab and select "Allow log on locally to the system administrator."
To log in as root operating system Fedora, use the terminal command «su» and enter the appropriate password.Then open the file gdm:

gedit /etc/pam.d/gdm
Comment out the line of the file «auth required user! = Root quiet» sign "#".Then log off the user and log on as root-a.
If in Mandriva you worth your desktop KDE, then, to start it from the root, in the same way to edit the file kdmrc, which may lie either in / usr / share / config / kdm, orin / etc / kde / kdm.
Change «AllowRootLogin» to true and save it.Then run kcontrol panel and add the root user to the appropriate list.
for Mandriva Gnome to edit, open the file / etc / gdm and change «AllowRoot» to true.Do not forget to save your changes.