Error: The file is in use by another program

Usually open applications prohibit other action programs used files.For example, it will remove after listening to the audio file, if you do not close the media player.To remove a folder from a file created in Word, you must close the text editor.Thus, if you receive a "The object is used by another person or program", close the file and the application in which it was opened. If the file is shared, it is possible, it is impossible to remove it, because it works with the other user.

find out what programs can use the file to help "Task Manager."He started the keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete.In the "Processes" tab lists the active applications.To close the process, click on its name, right-click and select the context menu "Finish".Then try again to delete the file.If that does not
help, restart the computer and try to delete the file by standard means. Start "Task Manager" can be any other way.Right-click the Taskbar (the blue bar on the bottom line of the screen) and select "Task Manager."

If after rebooting you can not delete a file, try to do it in safe mode.To do this, restart the computer and immediately after polling iron until the logo Windows, press F8.The boot options menu, select "Safe Mode" and then try to delete the file by standard means.

Error permits

The problem with deleting the file may occur if one computer users operate under multiple accounts.Depending on security policies, they may have different permissions to the file.For example, the document author can modify or delete files.Other users may only read or modify the document.In this case, delete the file can only be the owner (creator) or a user with administrator privileges.

program Unlocker

free Unlocker tool works with all versions of Windows.After unlocking it allows file any action: rename, delete and move.Download the program from the developer's site and install it, after which the tool is integrated into the context menu of all objects of Windows.To delete a locked file, click the right mouse button and choose the command Unlocker.In the window with the list of processes locking the file, choose whether to delete the process, rename, move, or unlock the file.