you need
  • network cable with RJ-45
The easiest option - to make a direct cable connection between two PCs.Almost every PC network card is present with the release of LAN.Often the device is part of the motherboard.Get a network cable with RJ45.The length of the cable, define yourself, based on the distance between the connected computers.
Turn on both PCs.Connect the network cable to the LAN jack of personal computers.Wait until the download is complete, the Windows operating system on both devices.
Further action will be considered on the example of the popular operating system Windows 7. Click on 'Control Center Network and Sharing Center. "To do thi
s, click on the icon of the LAN, to the left of the clock at the bottom of the screen and click on the link of the same name.Select "Change adapter settings".
Find the icon "Local Area Connection", right-click and select "Properties".Now double-click on the menu "Internet Protocol Version 4".
Activate the option "Use the following IP-address".Fill in the «IP-address" an arbitrary value, for example, ​​must not exceed the number of 223).Press the Tab, the system will automatically assign a subnet mask.The field "Default Gateway" can be left blank.
On the second PC perform the same procedure.It should specify the IP-address, wherein only the last digit from the IP of the first personal computer.Save the settings on both your PC.
If the first computer has Internet access, and you are planning to access the World Wide Web on the second PC, in the "Default Gateway" specify IP-address of the first computer.Then open the properties of the active Internet connection on the first PC.Go to the tab "Access."Activate the first paragraph, put a tick in front of him.Restart both computers.