decide to start with the disk that you want to hide.Let it be drive E: \.Keep in mind that the hidden drives are displayed specialized programs, such as file managers.
download the utility to configure the operating system from Microsoft - TweakUI.To do this, run any browser for browsing the internet: Opera, Internet Explorer, or a friend who used to enjoy.Open the page search engine and type in the search box the phrase "download TweakUI».Go and click on the line for download.
Install.Installation is activated by double-clicking on the file name.Or just click "Start".An
swer the Setup Wizard, you have press «Next», as it will appear at the end of the button «Finish».Thereafter, the program is installed.
Start TweakUI.To start, click "Start", then select "Programs», «Power Toys for Windows», and then left-click on the program icon.
opens utility main window, divided into two parts.In the column on the left are the setting categories, and the right - the possible options.In the left pane, locate the section «My Computer» and double-click it.Submenu of items: «Drives», «Special Folders» and others.
Click on sub «Drives», ie "wheels".In the right part of the window will list the available logical drives, all of which will be marked with ticks.This feature is visible to the system.Uncheck the drive letter that you want to hide.When finished selecting concealed logical drives, press the «Apply», to apply the changes.Close the window.
Please note that the changes take effect immediately after application.Also note that if a computer has multiple users, with the launch of the operation needs to be repeated TweakUI.Log on as each user and perform operations from point 4 to point 6.