MFP - multifunction device is in the case of which combines copier, an optical scanner and a printer.A number of models can be present, and fax.Such devices are very popular.They allow you to save valuable office space or home.In addition, such a device will be cheaper than buying all of its member devices separately.

MFP are of two types - laser and inkjet.Devices of the first type is used for the powdered toner, which plays the role of paint.Ink liquid ink print device.

Replacing the cartridge in the laser MFP

The laser MFP toner hopper is usually hidden cover on the front of the device.Open it.In most cases, removal of the cartridge rather gently pull the handle and pull it out of the enclosure.Be careful, because it may be contaminated powder.

Unpack the new cartridge.Usu
ally it is a box of cardboard, which is a dense black bag.Laser printer cartridge - quite a complex device that includes not only the toner hopper, but also drum, charge roller and the magnetic roller.

Drum quite sensitive to damage and virtually no body is protected, so by cutting the package be very careful and try not to scratch it.Replacement cost is not cheap enough.Also, keep it away from light and do not touch the hands.

remove an ink cartridge from the package, carefully remove it with all the security features, such as thick paper that protects the drum, and the adhesive tape fixing the moving parts.If they are not removed, they may fall into the path of the printer and damage the appliance.

toner cartridge by the handle and gently shake and insert it into the device.The grooves in the device and the projections on the cartridge are designed so that it is inserted only in the correct position.Therefore, do not use excessive force.If the cartridge can not be established, try to turn it.Insert it until it clicks, which would indicate a click and no freewheel cartridge.After that, close the cover.If it clicks, the device will not operate.

Replacement cartridges in inkjet MFP

Inkjet devices are commonly used in the home.Replacement cartridges in their demands accuracy because most of these devices have a relatively fragile structure.

to the print cartridge you need to open the top cover, which should be fixed in the end position special emphasis.The device at the same time should be included.When you open the carriage cover is automatically removed from the parking lot and leaves on a special platform.Cartridges are fixed in the carriage or print head using latches.Peel back their tongues and gently remove the ink tank.

Unpack the new cartridges and remove them.Heads or nozzles of the ink holes bunkers covered with a protective film to be removed.Carefully place the cartridges in accordance with the color-coded.Form a carriage generally does not allow to install them upside down.The success of the operation will notify you clicked.

Close the lid.What happens next depends on the model of the MFP.Some models are beginning to prepare the work automatically, immediately after the closing of the lid.Others require clicking the icon drops.Detailed instructions can be found in the user manual or the manufacturer's website.