you need
  • - scissors;
  • - thread with a needle;
  • - stationery knife;
  • - adhesive;
  • - cardboard;
  • - a piece of cloth (skin).
Before you get started, you need to select a suitable material for the cover.This may be leather, leather, felt or any other material.In the first stage of manufacturing the cover, it is necessary to cut two cardboard base.By its size, each of them should be slightly larger than the size of the device.
Next, cut two pieces of the material chosen for the cover.Their size should be slightly larger than the cardboard bases.Then you need to glue the cardboard material as shown on the attached image.We get like two halves of the book.They need
to be connected.This can be done with a piece of matter of appropriate length and width.Should be monitored to ensure that on the outer side of the cover joints were performed as carefully as possible.
Then tighten the free edge of the fabric and glue them to cardboard.Next you need to stick to the cardboard-4 thin strips of material, approximately 15cm long.At this stage, it is important to try on a plate obtained loops.He has conveniently laid and removed from the case.
The next step is to glue a piece of cardboard-based material so that they covered all the other joints.
Finally, you need to cut a small piece of cloth that will serve as a fastener.One end must be carefully glued into the cover from the outside.To the other end of the need to glue or sew the Velcro as shown on the attached image.Thus we can cover plate to your liking.It will be affordable and reliable.