Open the system properties of your computer.Right-click on the icon "My Computer" on the desktop to bring up the context menu.In this menu, left-click on the line "Properties."A window with a list of general information about the computer and its parameters.
The latest operating system from Microsoft, namely Windows 7 and Vista, get in the left column link "Advanced system settings."Follow this link.Open the window "System Properties", in which all parameters are set.In Windows XP, you will immediately see the system properties window.Further operations are the same for all three systems.
Click "Options" in the "Performance".It is located in the upper part of the system properties window.You will see another window with multiple tabs possible settings, the default is to tab "Visual effects".Click the left mouse button on an adjacent section with the heading "Advanced" and look at the bottom of the "Change" button.This will open a dialog to configure virtual memory.You can give a decision on the size of the swap file system, but it is not the best option.It is better to set this parameter manually.
Press the switch box marked "Show Size" and enter in the two fields, which are located just below.First - this is the minimum amount of virtual memory, the second number - the maximum file size.
the computer to work in the fast mode, record in both fields the same value.For example, you have 1 gigabyte of RAM.Then expose the virtual memory half as much, that is 1500 megabytes.Check how much memory you have installed, you can in the first window of properties, which is caused by a click on the icon "My Computer".Click "Set" to confirm a system message that you need to restart your computer to apply settings.Then click "OK" and close all the tuning window.Restart your computer through "Start" menu.