Make sure that the motherboard of your computer has at least one slot of the standard ISA.Video card standards MDA, Hercules, CGA, and EGA with other interfaces were not issued.
Find out which of the standards supported by your monitor.Despite the fact that they are all connected by the same method (through connector DB-9), there are differences in the parameters of the video signal and pinout.MDA standard monitor Card Handling Hercules type may in some modes lose sync.Monitor standard CGA while working with EGA cards will distort color (it does not have additional inputs for supplying separate information on the intensity of colors), and even then only on the conditions, which can synchronizes.From the mode in which synchronization is not available, the monitor can be
Purchase card is strictly of the same standard as the monitor.They are no longer available - have to use the services of flea markets, markets, online auctions and bulletin boards.Get ready for higher prices - these cards just remained very small in comparison with the usual standard adapters VGA.
Turn off the computer.Remove with a normal graphics card (save it), but instead set your purchased card standard MDA, Hercules, CGA, or EGA.To install it, use the slot ISA.Also, set the machine to another hard drive and temporarily disable available, the data on it remained intact.
Connect the monitor to the video card.Enter the CMOS Setup Mode and Standard CMOS Features section, select the type of card installed.
Replace the newly installed hard disk Linux operating system or DOS.In the first one you can work with the graphics card only in text mode.Remember also that, as in DOS, and Linux, you can download the CG only card EGA.
If you still want to use the graphical mode to EGA or Hercules card on Linux, install the following software:
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To re-start using the usual graphics, the machine switched off, remove the card and install the old standard normal and disconnect againthe added hard drive and connect the main.