First connect the web camera to your computer via USB-port.If the camera is built into your computer, skip this step.
All modern cameras are determined automatically by the system.If Windows recognizes the device itself and begin installing the driver, all right.But there are some older camera models that require manual installation of drivers.To do this, go to "Start - Control Panel - View scanners and cameras."
dialog box appears with a list of connected scanners and cameras.If the desired model is not listed, verify that it is connected to the computer.Click on "Update".Use the "Add new device", start the installation wizard scanner or camera.
follow the steps.Select the manufacturer and model of the device from the list.If you have an installation disk, insert it into the drive and click "Have Disk".If the disc is not, click "Next."
Enter the name of the device or choose already offered.Again click "Next."Master has completed the installation.Click "Finish" to close the wizard, click the "Back" - to go back and change any installation settings.
Now you need to run a program that is using your webcam.Typically, these programs come with the drivers on the installation CD supplied with the camera.If such a program does not, download it on the Internet or buy a disc, install on your computer and turn.The most popular programs that use the webcam to date are Skype, mailAgent, WebCamMax and others.
After starting the program will automatically detect the presence of the camera.If necessary, adjust the settings in the relevant section.If the camera and software are working properly, then you're doing something right.