Launch shortcut "My Computer" on the desktop and navigate to the folder in which documents are arranged connected to the program of the organization.If you are not sure where this folder, see the path to the program via the menu "1C".Open the main menu of the program via the shortcut on the desktop and by the organization in the list, click on the "Change" button.The bottom line is the full path to the database.
Make a copy of an existing database to the new folder.Copy all the files and name the new folder consonant with the name of the organization that you do not accidentally delete it afterwards.It should be stored in a special database loca
tion.Start menu "1C" to add a database created .Click on the "Add" button to the right of the list.In the window that opens, give the name of the connected organizations and browse for the folder.
Download the new database.It will take the form of documentation of the organization with which you copied it.Change the information about the organization of the menu "Tools" and then delete unnecessary documents.The process of creating the database does not require any special knowledge of 1C and can be used by anyone, even inexperienced in the 1C accounting software.In addition, the new database inherits the directories from the old organization - that is, has to be included information about contractors in your city, which is very convenient.
is also worth noting that all the bases must be stored in a safe place, and make additional copies as when infecting virus software, all files are infected and you have to remove them.There may be problems in the operating system, which would entail all the formatting information.