you need
  • - a computer with the operating system Windows.
To configure the gadget does not need to have any additional skills.In Windows - everything is easy.The main thing - to decide what kind of gadget you plan to install the screen.
Install additional information icons in two ways.Which one you feel most comfortable, you decide.In order to use the first way to install a gadget, you will need to click on the screen, right-click the drop-down box and select the "Gadgets".Click on the link and in the window where it will be presented a list of available mini-programs, select the one who is going to fill up your desktop.In a standard build of Windows it represented only a small part of the gadget.Including - calendar, clock, currency, puzzle, headline news feeds that you have been informed of all developments, the ind
icator of CPU, weather, slideshow.
Select the desired widget and install it on your desktop by double-clicking.You can then drag the icon anywhere on the screen.You can also configure the gadget on your own.In particular, you can change its size, set certain parameters.For example, when setting the clock, you can change the name of the watch, their appearance, time zone, whether to show the second hand or not.When you adjust the calendar the following options: Change the size and species.To use them, press the corresponding button on the right of the gadget.For convenience, when the mouse cursor over the icon will appear description of the functions.
gadgets also can be set in a different way.To do this, click "Start" button, then click on "Control Panel."Open it and get the item "Desktop Gadgets".Press and from the presented list in a new window, select the desired item.At any time with the help of the same side of the toolbar, you can also disable the widget or collapse icon.