you need
  • Basic accounting software (1C, Excel, or Access), programming language.
Determine requirements for the program, the region of destination.For small businesses or home users can manage uncomplicated options for large companies that need high-speed account a large number of various operations, the program should include more options.
Select programming language.The standard programs do not require special options, it is better to give preference to the programming language that you speak best.If specialized program, it requires a special programming language, such as, for example, 1C.
When choosing a database to create a
unique accounting software should pay attention to the fact that each program is focused on a specific area of ​​activity of the enterprise or company.So, for example, accounting, inventory and trade account more suitable program, based on 1C.Delphi - is more versatile, but has a large amount of files and is quite slow, so not suitable for those areas of accounting, where speed is a defining characteristic.
Select a base for the creation of the program depends on the purpose of its writing.If you want to practice programming, accounting, it is best to start with simple database program such as Excel c VBA.More difficult will be to develop the implementation of a file server with VBA, you can also use Jet-SQL.More experienced programmers can develop a client-server database platform Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, mysql.
those who are not familiar with the programming language for writing a program is better to turn to a specialized service, which will help them to pick up ready-made program according to their needs, or write a new one, which will provide the necessary accounting information.