you need
  • Free USB-flash drive 4GB.
  • image of the installation CD of Windows 7 or Windows 8 format iso.
  • computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8 to create a flash.
First we need to install the Windows USB / DVD Download Tool.To do this, download it from the site, then run the downloaded file and run the installation program of regular way.
Windows USB / DVD Download Tool
Run from the Start menu.
Running Windows USB / DVD Download Tool
program is a step by step wizard write iso image on USB-flash drive or DVD-ROM.In the first step we have to select the file iso image to burn.Click Browse, locate the downloaded installation image of Windows 7 or Windows 8. Click the button to open.
Opening an image iso Windows 8
Once the file is selected, make sure that its name appears in the box and click Next.
Master recording USB Stick
In the second step of the wizard you need to select USB recording for recording the installation USB-flash drive.
Selecting the recording media for installation image Windows.
you on the 3rd step of the wizard records the installation image Windows.Insert the USB-flash drive into the USB-port of the computer.Click the Refresh button (blue button with two white arrows).Then select in the USB flash drive on which you want to write the installation image.Then click Begin copying.
Starting procedure of recording an image on a flash drive.
If the flash drive is not enough free space, you will see a corresponding request to remove all data from the flash drive.Make sure the flash drive is not necessary for you data and click Earse USB Device.
Cleaning the USB stick.
program repeatedly asks you to confirm your decision to delete all data from the flash drive.Click Yes if you are sure that the flash drive is not relevant to you data.
Confirm deletion of data from the flash drive.
The process of recording the installation image to the usb-flash.Wait until the process is complete.
The procedure for recording an image on a USB flash
When the progress bar reaches 100%, and the top line of the message Bootable USB device created successfully - the process is successfully completed.Remove the flash drive regular way.Now you can insert the flash drive you created into the computer on which you want to install Windows, restart it by selecting a boot device inserted into USB-flash drive and install.
Recording image USB stick is complete.