One of the major shortcomings of Windows related to its lack of stability - the operating system can "fail" at any time, usually failures occur after the update or install new programs.There are several options for restoring the operating system, one of which involves the use of the command line.
If the OS fails to boot, press when it starts F8.It is recommended to press the button with a frequency of about once per second, so as not to miss the right moment.Here, a screen appears with a selection of options for loading the operating system.First try to choose "Last Known Good Configuration", in many cases, it helps to restore the normal operation of Windows.
In the event that the operating system still does not boot, select one of three options for safe mode "Safe Mode", "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" or
"Safe Mode with Networking".It is recommended to choose the first option, in which case you will see a much simplified and truncated, but still familiar desktop Windows.The screen in Safe Mode black, the corners are the inscriptions "Safe Mode".
To restore the system then open: "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Tools" - "System Restore."Select one of the restore point, click "Next".Starts recovery procedure, in its successful outcome again you get a fully functional system.
download option in safe mode with command prompt for users to work confidently with the console.To restore the system, you will need to enter the console command:% systemroot% system32
strui.exe and press Enter.
If you restore the system fails, the best option in this situation will be a new start in safe mode and reinstall Windows from the CD on top of the previous installation - ie mode update.In this case will be saved all the installed programs and system settings.
Sign in safe mode can be useful if the computer is running a few people, and one of the members forgot password of your account.In safe mode, you log on as an administrator, so can easily change any password.To do this, open the Control Panel and find in it the section "User Accounts."Open the desired item and change the password.