Tip 1: How to rename files in windows 7

computer users often need to rename certain files.In Windows 7, there are several ways to give the file a new name.

method first

Find a file in a folder that you want to rename.Select the file, right-click and select "Rename".Press Backspace to delete the old file name.Enter a new file name.Note that the file name can not enter signs «\ /: *?" | ». After entering press Enter.

Method two

Select the desired file. Click on the file, right-click and select" Properties ".Find the line where it says the extension (format) file. Enter in this line a new file name, and the source or the new format. Click "Apply" and then OK.

find the required files can be equipped with a search string in the "Start" menu. ForYou must enter the first letter of the name of the file in the search box and press Enter. A list of found files with the same name. Of these, it is necessary to select the file you want to rename.

For convenience, the interface language should be changed to the language that will be named fi
lebefore you click on "Rename».

no need to change the format of the file should not be, as this file can not be opened. In the second method for renaming the file extension can be automatically erased from the line.In this case, it is necessary to re-enter the extension.Unlike Windows 8, Windows 7 in the properties of the file extension must be spelled out.Expansion of Latin written after the name of a file as a point without spaces.Files with no extension can not be opened.

After changing the file name in the folder is moved up or down.To find a file, and check the correctness of the entered name, you must scroll through the contents of the folder and find the selected file.This is the file that has just been renamed.

additional method for image and text files

Besides these methods, text and graphics documents can be saved under a different name with a text or graphic editor.To do this, open the file in the editor.If this image - in an image editor such as the Gimp, Photoshop or Paint.If a text document - in the text, for example, Word, WordPad, LibreOffice or "Notepad".

Then click on the icon located in the upper left corner of the editor.This icon might be called the "File" or simply be an icon.Select from the drop-down box select "Save As."If you select a "Save", the file is saved with the same name.The bar appears to erase the file name and enter a new name.Select format under which to save the file.

press Enter.If you see an additional window, and press Enter.This will create a copy of the file with a new name.If the file with the old name no longer needed, it can be removed.

Tip 2: How to rename a file in Windows

file name in Windows can be changed by the user at his discretion.The user does not have access to the renaming of a protected system files and files that are used by a program at a given time.
How to rename a file in Windows
Open the directory (folder) that contains the file that you want to assign a different name.Or, enter the file name in the search box in the "Start" menu.
Highlight the file by clicking the left mouse button once.For these, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard.
Click the selected file once the left mouse button.After that, the text file name is highlighted for editing.
also select the text file name to edit by clicking on the selected file, right-click once and select from the context menu line "Rename".You can then enter a new file name.
available Erase and enter a new file name.Then press the Enter key on your keyboard or click the left mouse button on any place open window.
Change the name of the file can be and through its properties dialog.To do this, open the folder with the desired file.
Right-click on the selected file once.A list of possible actions on the file.
In the list that appears, click once with the left mouse button on the line of the "Properties".A dialog box with the basic settings and properties of the file.
In the window that opens, activate the tab "General".This tab displays the name, type, size of the file attached to it an application, the location of the file on disk, and more.
activated at the top of the tab, find the line with the existing file name and enter a new one.Then click successively the button "Apply" and OK.The file name is changed to a new one.
During rename a file, make sure that did not change and do not remove the extension.Extension - is the text at the end of the file name through the point of it, consisting of letters of the alphabet or numbers (for example, «PIC.jpeg», where «PIC» - is the name of the file, «.jpeg» - its extension, indicating thatThis file is an image).

Make sure that the file name will not be used prohibited by the Windows operating system symbols.If you enter a file name in one of these signs system will generate an error listing all the prohibited characters.Also, the name of the number of characters in the file name must not exceed 255 characters.

users are strongly recommended to change the names of system and program files.Their change may lead to a malfunction of the operating system as a whole or software associated with renamed files.

is also not recommended to change the name of the file referenced by any programs or files.Their name change will lead to inoperability of the existing links.


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