you need
  • Windows 7 or Vista.
Hover over the gadget window on the desktop.In the upper right corner will be a set of icons, among which will be a button that closes the gadget - as in a normal window, it is marked with a cross.Click on this icon with your mouse, and the window widgets will be closed.This way you can turn off any electronic gadgets, such as those that are installed with the operating system, as well as those that the user installs their own.
Another method is only applicable to mini-applications from a predefined set of desktop gadgets Windows.To manage in the "Control Panel" allocated a separate applet.Start the panel ope
ned by clicking the "Start" main menu and then select the OS in the right column link to this control system.Click on the inscription "Appearance and Personalization" or "Program" - in both sections have the same set of links under the heading "Desktop Gadgets".In this set you can click on its name, the link "Add Gadgets to the desktop" or "Removing gadgets."Whatever you choose, the result is the same - you will see another set of members of a base with Windows gadgets.You can call him from the context menu desktop - especially for this item to put "Gadgets".
In the applet icon opens, "Control Panel" is a complete set of gadgets, regardless of whether they are at the moment.Find the icon that belongs to disables gadget, and click the right mouse button.The pop-up context menu contains only two points, select "Delete" and the problem will be solved.This radical method off, because after its application icon will disappear from the set in the applet.However, to restore it, if necessary, it will be easy - just select the Control Panel link "Restore desktop gadgets installed Windows».
the context menu, the desktop provides the ability to disable all the gadgets immediately.To use it, right-click "Background," and in the "View" menu that opens, uncheck the line from the "Show desktop gadgets."