If you want a single PC off after a certain time, the use of the program, the Task Scheduler is not necessary.By shutdown has its own timer, with which you can set the desired delay in the commencement of the switch off the computer .If you have a running Windows XP, to call this tool, use the dialog to run programs.
Press Win and get in the main menu and click select "Run."In the dialogue box that appears, type the shutdown command followed by a space append two keys - / s / t.Then put another space, and specify the time after which the computer should be turned off.Time for this program should be set in seconds - for example, shutdown / s / t 600.
Click OK, and the timer counts down the time remaining until shutdown.
In Windows 7 and Vista, you can do without the dialogue run programs.From the main menu, and immediately start typing a command - you'll see all typed in the search query.After entering in the list of search results will be a single line, in which the given command will be duplicated - click it and start the countdown.
If disabling the computer need to plan for any particular number or to exercise it regularly, on schedule, the launch charge by shutdown scheduler jobs.In Windows 7, gain access to it is very simple: press Win and type "plan" - a reference to the launch of the application will be in the first line of the search results.In Windows XP, to search for the necessary links should be in the main menu, open the section "All Programs," go under "Standard", and from it - in the section "Service".Link to launch the scheduler are marked as "Scheduled Tasks".
Task Scheduler in Windows 7, locate and click the right-hand column, click "Create Basic Task".Fill in the "Name" box to start the wizard and click "Next".
Choose from seven options for the desired frequency of the launch utility off computer and again click "Next".In the following form you must specify the time and the total number of launches that application.Once again, click "Next" button in this form, and click again in the next, without changing anything in the settings.
Open dialog box find the right application button "Browse" and find the file in the System32 folder shutdown.exe OS system catalogs.In the "Add arguments" type / s, and then touch "Next".In the following form wizard, click "Finish" and scheduler will start to work on the schedule that you created.
In Windows XP, tasks are different.After starting the scheduler, click the row "Add Scheduled Task" and first appeared in the form of Master Locate the file in the previous step - the search dialog is opened and the button "Browse".
Click "Next" button, enter the name of the task being created, and select the frequency of its execution.After another click on the label "Next" button, set the current time, day, date, and other timing and again click "Next".
Double-enter the user's password, if it exists for your account, click "Next" and check the box "Set advanced settings ...".Click "Finish" button.
In the "Run" to existing entries there, add a space after the / s switch and click OK.This procedure is complete.