Tip 1: How to create an information base 1C

Very often, after the establishment of the program 1C, organizations have a need to create a new information base (IB).Many believe that this procedure should be entrusted to qualified programmer, meanwhile, can perform this procedure, and the user program.
you need
  • - 1C.
In order to create a new information security, you need to create a folder with a simple and logical name for the database.Create a folder can be in any convenient location in your hard drive, such as C :.
then on the drive with the installed program, find the following files: 1CV7.MD, V7PLUS.DLL, V7Plus.als (address of the default C: \ Program Files \ 1Cv7).
Copy the files in the folder you created in the first step.
Run 1C.In the opened tab "Run 1C", click on "Add", the following window "Registration information base."
field where you need to enter text, enter the name of the new IS, then it will be displayed in the list of information security at the start of the program 1C
Then click «OK» in the «Register information base."
Now when you start the program, in the "Run 1C", appears to create an information base.Click on the name of the database the left mouse button.At the top of the list of options "mode" select "Configurator" and press «OK»
tab "Select the format of data storage," is already checked by default "files * .DBF, *.CDX ».Click «OK» and "Configurator" will start.
Open the tab "Designers - New Report ...".There do not need to change anything, just click "Next - Next - Finish."After the above actions will open "form-Otchet.novyy1."Close the "Form-Otchet.novyy1."
In the "Configuration" to remove the generated report "novyy1" confirm the deletion.
Close the "Configuration".In the window "Configurator" confirm all the questions by clicking "Yes."
The information window "Reorganization of Information", click "Accept", then the screen will display a window with information about the reorganization is complete.Click «OK».
After completing the process, close the "Configurator" and safely get to work in the new information-based.

Tip 2: How to add an information base 1c

To work with the program "1C: Enterprise" is necessary to create an information base, which will be recorded in the appropriate accounting.This is a fairly simple procedure can be performed without involving programmers.
How to add an information base 1c
Open "1C: Enterprise".In the "Launch the 1C: Enterprise", click "Add ...".
will be prompted to select the type of database being created.Set the "Creating a new information database" and click "Next".
window opens in which the complete list of already installed on your system configuration.It is necessary to choose the way to create the database.
• «Create an information base a template" - created database will have a predetermined configuration.
• «Create an empty database information » - is a completely new basis, with no initial settings.To add
, select the first option.In the existing configuration, highlight the desired option, then click "Next".
Enter a name for the database (database name must contain no more than 255 characters) and specify where to store it - on the current computer or on a server 1C (if the specified directory does not exist, it is created automatically)Click "Next".Choose a specific folder for storage, and then click "Finish".
If parameter values ​​to create information base (name or storage) match those of the existing database, a warning is given in the form of the relevant line.It will be necessary to modify or discontinue the further work.
As a result, in the "Launch the 1C: Enterprise", a new line created with the name of the knowledge base.Select it and click on "1C: Enterprise" or double-click on this line.The program will be launched in the runtime, and the base itself will be subject to automatic initial seeding.
Helpful Hint
Information Base (SP) - a place where all the accounting of one or more organizations that have specific storage address.


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