Without a doubt, there are many ways to replace the standard screen download Windows.However, when you try to configure the system files or registry entries easy to make mistakes that can lead to tragic consequences.Therefore, the most reasonable choice for the average user will use special software.
Bootskin Download the program from the official site of the manufacturer.The program does not accidentally - when their work does not replace system files, so it is completely safe.As a screen saver can be a normal .bmp - the picture.
Install the software on your computer where you want to change the wallpaper.Run the program.In the opened window you will see a set of skins
are available for installation.
Select your favorite picture and click on the "Preview" button to preview.If the screen saver you like - close the preview window and click on the button "Apply", then you'll see a box on the results of this topic.Change subject to any other from the list if the inscription after pressing the "Apply" button will be of a different nature than shown.
Select your favorite theme from the sets offered on various internet sites.For example, the site (link to the sets of skins is given at the end of the article).When selecting liked skin click on "Download", after which there will download the file to your computer, then the skin will immediately appear in the program in the selection list.It remains only to click "Apply" and admire the new screen saver every time you boot the system.
can also create boot screens yourself.However, this will require a pro-version of the program Bootskin (not required), or you can use the applets SkinStudio.