To display the navigation pane on the left side windows folders and directories, click the "organize" button in any open window in the list that appears, move your mouse over the line "Submission."In a further list check the box next to the line "Navigation Pane" by clicking the left mouse button once.After that, the navigation bar will be displayed in all the windows opened folders and locations of Windows.
To hide the navigation bar, deselect the line "Navigation Pane" in the "Sort" window Windows.
To speed up the process of finding the right files, applications, and folders in operatsionnyoy Windows 7, there are special libraries.You can create a library that contains the desired files and directories.
To create a custom library, open the folder "Computer" by clicking on its icon on the desktop, double-click the left.In the navigation pane, right-click once on the line "library", move your mouse over the line "New" and then in the supplementary list, press the line "library."After that, in the transition will be a new library with a distinguished name of "New Library".Enter your user name and library, press «Enter» on the keyboard.
Left-click once on the established library locations.The preview window shows the text "The new library is empty."Click "Add Folder" in the window that appears, select the directory to which you want to have constant access.
To add a custom library of other folders, right-click on its name in the list that appears, select "Properties".In the next window, click "Add Folder ...", select the directory and click "Add Folder".
To remove a library, right-click on a line with her name and click the line "Delete".The operating system will ask for confirmation to delete the library, click "Yes."
To resize the workspace navigation bar, move your mouse to the right of its border.As soon as the mouse cursor will change to a normal two-way arrow on, hold down the left mouse button and drag the boundary wire in the right direction.
To add a folder in the navigation pane section "Favorites", enter the directory location of the folder you want.Then drag the selected folder on the line "Favorites" in Windows Explorer Windows, holding down the left mouse button.