you need
  • - program TransTaskbar.
Download to your computer utility Transparent Taskbar.Unzip the files and check them for viruses and malicious code.This utility allows you to adjust the transparency "Start" menu and the taskbar of the operating system, as well as dialog boxes and programs running in the background.
Install the program by going to the settings that you understand language.It is best not to download vsgo Russified version TransTaskbar, if you speak English at least at the intermediate level - the program has an intuitive interface and basic menu items will be understood by anyone.Versions in Russian are often unstable or contain low-quality translation.
Learn the basic functions of the buttons menu TransTaskbar, go to the settings menu and adjust the transpar
ency of this option with special sliders.Apply the changes.Please note that some versions may include additional features that allows you to adjust the transparency not only for the "Start" menu and taskbar, and fine-tuning of the external elements of the operating system.
If you want to return transparency of the operating system Windows Vista or Seven, including settings for the best appearance of the display elements of Windows.Open "My Computer," then click "Properties" and click the "Advanced" tab.
Click on the top right buttons for customizing the appearance and in the current tab of the window that opens, select "Provide the best view."This may affect the performance as such a regime requires a certain overhead, but if your computer is a good configuration, you will not notice the difference.Apply the changes and adjust the transparency windows system personalization.