you need
  • - program for reading pdf-format (Adobe Acrobat. FoxReader et al.)
  • - Open Office;
  • - Abbyy FineReader.
Open the document using the program that you normally use.Most popular - Adobe Acrobat.It includes an option for copying, and it is possible that no other programs and you do not need.The same function, and a free program FoxReader.
Find tab in the main menu "Edit", and in it - selecting and copying functions.Select and copy the desired track can be with the right mouse button.
latest version of Adobe Acrobat.pozvolyayut save the document as text.Store, find and copy the des
ired track.Unfortunately, the format does not allow txt diacritics, so to work with documents in languages, where a lot of accents, this method is not suitable.He does not work in the case when the text was scanned image.
If you have suffered a setback, try other programs.For example, open a document through a text editor Open Office.This program handles pdf format quite well, if again the page is not a single image.
Try Abbyy FineReader.It is better if you have one of the latest versions.Open the file as an image and ask the program to recognize it.In the main menu, find the tab "Picture", and in it - the "Unit Type".Choose what you need.Do not forget to set the language.When you save, select "Copy to Clipboard".
Sometimes Abbyy FineReader detects such files hesitantly, if at all can give a sign "Increase the scanning resolution."In this case, if the document is small, it is best to take a screenshot from a computer screen.Just do not forget to set the maximum resolution.Save the image in a convenient format images, and then pound it into Abbyy FineReader, recognize and copy.