What's firmware and why is it necessary?

firmware - the software, and more specifically, the operating system (OS), which interacts with the hardware of the phone and the user, and allows the program to perform various functions.

Why do I need to flash your phone?The update removes the operating system error and a variety of vulnerabilities, as well as introduce new features and functionality that improve ease of use smartphone / tablet.

There are custom firmware that is unofficial.Many mobile applications are able to get full access to the user's personal information, transmit it over the Internet, make calls and send SMS to suspicious numbers, etc.With the help of these firmware programs run in the "incognito" and the application will not be able to get access to personal data.For them, the user's contact list, browser history, calendar
events, and messages will look completely blank.Even if the phone or tablet will include a GPS navigator, the application will not know about it and can not determine the user's location.

Why do we need protection from rewriting and how it is carried out

The most likely reason that someone may need to defend your android-phone by flashing - protecting your phone in case of loss or theft.There are many different mobile applications that will help to detect and / or return the stolen phone.For example, by restricting access to the phone.To enable it, you will need to enter a password or the right to respond to a predetermined mathematical expression.

applications may also notify the owner of the phone by SMS when it is lost.For this pre-defined by a list of other SIM-cards, which will be seen by the application as legally and which will receive an SMS with information such as the IMSI-number of the inserted SIM card and phone's location (based on the data network, GPS, or Wi-Fi).

In addition, there is an option of automatic protection switching system each time you start the phone, or when it detects an unknown SIM card.There are applications, able to photograph the face of the thief, to record his voice to report numbers to which the calls were made, change the volume of ringtone, etc.

All of these capabilities of mobile applications can help protect your mobile phone in case of theft, as well as quickly find it, not allowing the attacker to flash unit.