Training section on the flash card

To create a bootable USB drive you may need additional software.Connect the USB-drive to your PC or notebook with the operating system Windows.Insert the boot disk into the drive PC.If you are at your disposal there is an image file of such a disc, use the Daemon Tools Lite to work with him.

Open the "Start" menu and select "Run."In the new window, type cmd.Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Enter.This will open a command prompt as an administrator.After starting the working window, enter the command list disk.Determine the number under which the number of the desired USB-drive and type Select Disk «number».

Now type the following command, separating each of them by pressing Enter:
clean (clean sections of flash cards)
create partition primary (creation of a new s
select partition 1 (selection of a new section)
active (setting the label "active»)
format fs = fat32 quick (quick format in fat32)
assign (connect USB-drive and receive letters section)

Bootable files

you got a clean USB-drive, ready to record the OS files.You need to create a boot sector, available on the installation disc.This procedure is performed by entering the following command: X: \ Boot \ bootsect.exe / NT60 Z:
Z: - letter of the USB-drive, with which you are installing Windows Vista.
X: - letter of the DVD-ROM or virtual image to the installation files.
now simply copy the contents of the installation disk to the USB-drive.Note the presence of hidden files and folders.If you do not want to carry out this procedure manually type in the command line
xcopy X: Z: / s / e / h / k

Installing Windows Vista

Connect the USB-drive to the netbook and turn on the mobile computer.Enter the menu BIOS.Set the boot priority to the desired flash cards.This can usually be done in the menu, Boot Options or Boot Device Priority.Sometimes, simply press the F12 key at the initial stage the inclusion of the netbook.This will open a menu, quickly change the boot device, and select the desired flash card.Wait until the start of the program to install the operating system Windows Vista and follow the instructions on the screen.

Do not forget to return your hard drive to the first place in the list of bootable devices after the first reboot.Otherwise, the installation procedure will begin anew.