Open "Control Panel", using the appropriate link in the main menu of Windows, access it, click on the button "Start".If you are using the XP version of the operating system, then select "Panel" component "Sounds and Audio Devices," and when he starts - Go to content tab "Audio".In the drop-down list of the section "Recording sound" you need to choose the default device, and then click the button "Volume".
In the "Microphone" to set the desired value with the slider, and then close the window by clicking OK.Press the same button, and the other two open windows.
If you are using Windows 7, in Control P
anel, you need to find another link - "Sound".Click on it, and will open a window in which you should be interested in the "REC".This tab is located connected to the computer list of devices that have built-in microphones (headset, camera, etc.), as well as mic inputs.Select the device, record with which you wish to make a louder, and then click "Properties", placed below the list of devices.
tab "Levels" window that opens, set the values ​​you want and click OK.Ponazhimayte OK button, and the other two open windows.
Another way to increase the recording volume provides a sound card driver.Its icon should be present in the system tray on the taskbar - double-click on it to access the sound settings.A device of this component depends on the used sound card.If that Realtek HD, then click the "microphone" and select the appropriate settings of the spatial orientation of the microphone and noise reduction.Then, on the "mixer" open the drop-down list in the section "Record", select the device and adjust the microphone input signal.