Register your computer when you install the operating system.During her special window will appear in which you will be asked to enter the administrator login and password, and the name of the computer.Names of the administrator and the computer will be used by default when creating the network, and other accounts, as well as various programs, so be careful when you specify.
Complete the activation process your computer after installation.In the right bottom of the screen should appear yellow icon, when clicked, starts the Activation Wizard.If you do not complete it within 30 days, computer access will be limited.Select your method of activation - via the Internet or by phone.
Set the correct network settings and provide computer access to the I
nternet to activate the first method.Open the "Control Panel" via the "Start" menu and select the service "Network Connections."Select "Create a new connection".Enter your provider gave you a login and password to connect to the Internet, as well as the necessary network settings if required: IP-address of the proxy server, gateway data, etc.As a result of these steps, your computer will be registered under a certain network address.
Start Activation Wizard, and in a special box, enter the registration key, which should be indicated on the installation disk or in a folder when it starts.As a result, you will see a message indicating the successful activation of the system.
Choose the second method of activation, if there is no access to the network.The wizard will indicate the phone number where you can call to complete the registration.Wait for reply and call it your activation number.Microsoft employees to announce the successful completion of the operation.