Close any application documents if they are stored in the folder "My Documents".The operating system may issue an error if the object moves in the upcoming procedure, he is blocked by a program, use it at this point.
find a reference to the "My Documents".This label can be placed on the desktop, and if it's not there, open the main menu of the operating system - press Win or click your mouse on the "Start" button.The line "My Documents", depe
nding on the settings in this menu, and the version of Windows can be placed in the right hand column, or to appear in a long list, drop down when you hover over your username in the same right-hand column.
Click on the "My Documents" (a desktop shortcut or menu item OS), right-click and select the context menu line "Properties".This will open a window with information where you need the tab "Location" - click on it and click "Move".In the dialog box that opens select the drive and directory on it, where you want to place the "My Documents" and then click "Select Folder."
Click on the OK button or "Apply", and you will see the question of whether to move the contents of the old folder to the new location of its placement.Answer yes, and the transfer process will begin.
In Windows 7, there is another way to change the location of the folder "My Documents".If opening the main menu OS, you'll find it in the right half of the item "Documents", click on it, right click and select "Properties."This place is a library, not a folder, so its properties window consists of a single tab, which has a list of already existing library with the address of their location and a few buttons.Click "Add Folder" in the dialog box, specify a location for the new instance of the "My Documents".In this dialog, there is a button with the same text "Add Folder" - click it, and in the list of libraries, a new line with the selected address.
Check the box opposite the added row and click the right mouse button.In the popup context menu, select "Up" to move the new line to the first position in the list.Then click OK and then the specified directory will be used by the operating system as the folder "My Documents".