If the operating system is loaded, try to restore it through the recovery option.Open the "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "System Tools» - « Recovery system ».You should know that to restore system can be used only if you have previously created restore points.
Note in the window that opens click « Recovery system » (usually selected by default), click "Next".On the calendar days that were created restore points marked a dark color.Select a restore point and then click "Next".The restore process begins, the system is rebooted.After rebooting, the message that the system has been successfully restored.
Unfortunately, restore Windows in this way is not always possible.This is particularly evident in the case, if you frequently install or uninstall program
s.In this case, you can try to restore the normal operation of Windows by using a boot disk.
Restart your computer and start booting from the CD, choose to install Windows.After starting installation wait for the screen, which serves to press Enter to install Windows and log on to Recovery Console by pressing R. Press Enter it, wait for the screen with the list of operating systems.Highlight the desired and press R. It will attempt to restore Windows.All of your files and settings will remain intact at the same time.
If the operating system does not start, first try to run it by pressing the F8 key at the start by selecting Last Known Good Configuration.In that case, if the selection screen boot options does not appear, repeat the above procedure a bit, but stay on the first screen and select the reduction using the console.Select the desired copy of Windows (if several).On the proposal to enter a password, enter it, or just press Enter, if the password is not set.Prompt appears: C: WINDOWS & gt ;.Type fixboot command and press Enter, confirm the operation.This will create a new boot sector.
Enter the following command: fixmbr and press Enter, agree with all the warnings.There will be a boot record.Type exit, the computer will restart.Now OS should boot successfully.
What if all attempts to repair a Windows or to no avail?In that case, if it is loaded even in Safe Mode (selection through F8), simply install the new copy over the old one in update mode.In this case, all of your files, programs and settings will be saved.
If the system will not boot and need to reinstall it, you will need LiveCD - a boot disk from which you can download truncated, but it is a workable Windows.Booting from a disk, save any important files, it is better to external media or on another disk (partition).After that, it is desirable to format the C drive and reinstall the operating system.