If the desired folder located on the desktop, click its icon once with the left mouse button, and then press F2 - edit mode is enabled, and the name is highlighted.This can be done using the context menu - call it by clicking the folder icon the right mouse button and select "Rename".Then type the new directory name and press Enter.
Placed on computer disks folder edit using the best program manager files.Start "Explorer" by double clicking on the premises on the desktop shortcut element OS named "Computer".In the program window, navigate to the directory containing the desired folder, get it there, and then proceed in the same manner as described in the previous step.
You can change the names and folders that are created in the main menu of the operating system application programs that are installed in your computer.Open the menu - press Win or click on the button "Start".Typically, applications put their catalogs in the section "All Programs", open it and find the folder.Click on its name, right-click and use the "Rename" from the context menu of the supernatant.Then enter the new name and press Enter.
Edit Items - files or folders - locked in a running program is currently impossible.To edit the title is also true, however, if instead of changing the name of the folder OS displays an error message, close a program to work with her, wait ten to twenty seconds and try again.It is possible that the right to edit the name of the folder will be possible only after you restart the computer in Safe Mode.This can happen with folders, lock the system software or certain applications are constantly running applications - for example, antivirus software and firewalls.