you need
  • - the right to change the screen saver settings in Windows.
Open the Control Panel Windows.To do this, follow these steps:
- click the left mouse button on the "Start" button, which is located in the taskbar on the desktop or press the Win key on your keyboard;

- in the menu that appears when the keyboard or the mouse to highlight "Settings";

- Wait until the sub-menu;

- activate the option "Control Panel", clicking on it with the mouse or by selecting it and pressing Enter.
Open Display Properties C
ontrol.Actions that are necessary for this purpose depends on the current view to display the contents of the control panel.
If the control panel is in display mode by category, then go to the folder "Appearance and Themes" by clicking on the link with the appropriate name.Then click on the link "Select screen saver" located in the "Pick a task".
If the control panel displays the elements of a classic style, locate the "Display".Open the item by double-clicking the left mouse button or by selecting "Open" context menu available on the single right-click.
Go to control the parameters of the properties window screen saver.Click on the tab "Screensaver".
Disable screensaver.Click the drop-down list in the Controls group, "Screen Saver."If the list is large, scroll up.Set the current element "(No)" by clicking the left mouse button.
Fix the changes.Click on the "Apply" button.Click OK.