Tip 1: How to remove wasps

operating system - an essential element in the work of any computer.Now there are a huge variety, and basically all use the family Windows.
you need
  • Multiboot disk with OS
Since existence is impossible without the existence of a computer operating system in parallel with the removal process Zaden we install a new OS.Requires drive with the new OS.You can also write to the carrier's own, any favorite system.But you can buy a disc.
next step maintain all necessary data from your system disk to another partition.Desktop files, the information in the folder "My Documents" and other required information must be retained.Otherwise, the data will be lost forever.
Set in the Bios boot from the drive function.This is to ensure that when Georgia did not start the hard disk, and the disk is in the drive.Reboot your computer, go to the menu multiboot disk.Select the OS installation.Follow the prompts.
When the menu appears on the installation of the system, we can
perform two actions.When referring to hard disk partition for installing the OS, you can choose to install to the same folder as the previous system.In this old operating system is removed, however, will remain on the folders and files that have to be removed manually.Therefore, it is best to choose a format in the NTFS.When you format a partition, all data will be erased, so we saved them before.After formatting, the system will be installed.The old system will be deleted.You can use the program to format the partition.However, it will still be necessary to install the new OS.

Tip 2: How to remove an operating system from a computer

Operating system be removed if you are going instead to put a new one or if you have them on the computer two, and one of them wasunnecessary.Otherwise, you risk losing all of the data, without getting anything in return.
The operating system must be removed if you are going to put in its place a new
If you have two operating systems, and at some point, you suddenly realize that it is you can get by with one, then all you need to do -This format the hard disk partition on which you installed the system was evil.This can be done by means of Windows: Windows Explorer, find the appropriate section and clicking the right mouse button, choose "Format".You can use third-party software to work with disk partitions and format the programs with the help of Partition Magic, Acronis Disc Director Suite, etc.
If you need to delete your current operating system , then this should be done if you want to put a new return.In this case, restart your computer and enter the BIOS, hold down the Delete key during startup (or F2, F3, F10, Esc).Install boot computer with the disk selected for First Boot Device value CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM) and restarting the computer, start the installation of the new operating system.In the process you will be prompted to format the system partition, and that the procedure will remove the old operating system .
Helpful Hint
to format, copy all the necessary data to another hard disk partition on the USB flash drive or any other media, otherwise they will be lost.


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