Open the "Start" menu in the lower left corner of the desktop.Select "Control Panel" icon and run "Firewall."If you have enabled Category view action, click on "System and Security".When the page opens the settings, click the words "Firewall" to open the program.This applies to the operating system Windows 7.
Click "Advanced Settings" in the column, which is located on the left side of the page.If a window opens center UAC, confirm your action and enter the administrator password.
Click on the left line, "Inbound Rules".A list of existing rules and related applications.Click on the label "New Ru
le", it is located in the upper right corner of the window.A dialog opens the wizard for creating rules for firewall.
Check the box next to the line "to the port" and click "Next".On the next page click Leave the "Protocol TCP» at the top and at the bottom, enter the port number, access to which you want to close.Then click "Next".
Check "Block Connection" and click on the words "Next".On the next screen, tick off all three points: domain, private, public - to create a rule valid for all types of connections.Click "Next" to go to the last page of settings.
Specify a name for the rule, such as «Port 77", which will easily find it when needed.You can add a description if required.Click "Finish".Inbound Rules successfully created.
Repeat steps three through six points if you want to block outbound connections, and tcp completely close the port.The only difference is that you need to click on the "Outbound Rules".Close all windows and restart the computer settings.After this rule will come into force.