you need
  • - computers;
  • - cables;
  • - Administrator rights.
to use online channels simultaneously on three computers, it is necessary to connect them to the LAN.To do this you need three patch cord and one switch.Check whether all the computers in the network card itself, or RJ-45 connector to the motherboard.If not, then you should also purchase and install on each computer network card.They cost is not expensive, and easily installed.You can consult us at the expense of buying a network card.
Install a switch in the most convenient location.To him will go the wire on all three computers, so take the most optimal location to the nearest power outlet to power the device.Turn on the switch, and then connec
t to the switch patch cords, the second ends connected to the computer.The preferred pre-lay the power cable on the plinth, but to test, you can simply prokinut cable on the floor of the room.
Check whether you can see other network computers by running "Network Neighborhood."If you do not connect the modem to the switch, which will take over the allocation of the address specified in the network settings, default gateway, and select each computer on your IP-address.Only be taken into account the fact that all computers should belong to the same workgroup.View and change the settings, you can through the "My Computer."To do this, click the right mouse button and select the tab "Properties".
Accepted installed as the gateway address, and the addresses of computers on the network, increasing the last digit by one.Set IP-address can be a network connection properties, in particular, in the parameter "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IP)ยป.The main thing that the latest figures were different, because the system will not be able to combine two of the same IP.