operating system Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and is fully compatible with it.The user can select a distribution with the most pleasant and convenient graphical user interface for it: Mate - the easiest option is recommended for all novice PC users, KDE or Cinnamon with beautiful effects or XFCE for the greatest speed.

First you need to download the appropriate distribution of Linux Mint from the official website developers.If you can not consider yourself an advanced user, select the latest LTS-to-date version (with long-term technical support): As a rule, this is the most stable release of the operating system, which eliminated all the defects inherent in the new versions.

next step is to write the Linux Mint to the media from which you pref

er to install the system.To mount the installer on a flash drive, or use the program UNetbootin you more familiar counterpart.During the restart the computer, go into the BIOS and then boot from flash cards.On the desktop, run the installer.

Steps for installing Linux Mint

installer will check whether the computer system requirements and there is enough space on your hard drive.Then you can select the language setting.If the Internet connection works, you can immediately download the language packs, but they can also be installed at the very end, when setting up the system.

Next, select the type of installation of Linux Mint.In principle, you can format the hard drive, but if you want to keep the two systems, choose the option "Another option" and the partitioning manually.

As a self-split hard disk partitions?Set values ​​for the following parts: the root, home, and swap the old system:

- for / 15-20 GB should be allocated;

- for / swap - two sizes of RAM or 3GB;

- for / windows - at least 20 GB;

- for / home - the rest of the disk space.

In the next stage, the system will prompt you to specify the location and layout of the languages, then - enter the username and password and select the input method: with or without a password.

Once you're done with these operations will only wait until the system is established.At the end you can get acquainted with its features and get to work.

Advanced Setup Linux Mint

After installing Linux Mint is to check whether all the language packs to establish normal.If you notice that the menu is not translated into Russian in full, is to set up Internet and doustanovit missing packages.To confirm, enter the password.

If you have any questions, you can always refer to the official website of the developer or the Russian-speaking community of users Linux Mint.