Changing the file name can be canceled "without delay."If you delete or change the extension in the "Explorer" and then did not close the application window, press "hot keys» Ctrl + Z. This combination is assigned undo the last action.If you press this combination again will be canceled penultimate action, etc.In this way, you can "roll back" the situation to the point where the file still has the right extension.
If you need to return a display file extensions in the "Explorer" and on the deskto
p, do it through the settings folder.To access the appropriate component of the operating system in Windows 7 and Vista, open the main menu system - press Win.Enter from the keyboard "dads" and click the "Folder Options" in the top line of the search results or just press Enter.
settings window defining the display of folders, click the "View" and the list of options under the label "Advanced Settings", scroll to "Hide extensions for known file types."Remove the check mark that row and then click OK.
If necessary, re-add the file extension mistakenly deleted the above steps will also have to be done if the display the full name of the object is disabled in the settings.Then click on the desired file, right-click and select "Rename."Go to the far right character names (click End), set point and type in the correct extension.It will be recorded in the file name when you press Enter.
To restore expand writing is lost forever, have to use additional software.Identify the file format by opening the code in a hex editor - for example, in the Cygnus Hex Editor (, this requires certain skills to work with code files.Other applications are trying to do this automatically - try, for example, Windows File Analyzer (