you need
  • computer installed with Windows 7.
For Windows XP and other earlier versions of these plug-ins can be set separately.For Windows 7 they are provided by default.A collection of modules - this panel displays mini-applications.The program shows the weather watch the news, currency exchange rates.The main collection can be changed independently.
Right-click in the desktop, the pop-up menu, select line "Gadgets".To add one of them to the desktop, double-click the mouse click on the selected icon.
To remove the module from the desktop, move the mouse pointer - the small icons will appear.Removes a gadget from the desktop "Close" button.There is also a function of the parameters change, the ability to move a gadget to a different location.
If you want to remove from the collection of the gadget, click the icon selected, right-click and select "Delete."All standard units of Windows 7 can be restored.To do this, open the "Control Panel", find the "Appearance and Personalization," click on the line "Restore desktop gadgets" in the "Gadgets".
From the control panel, you can disable the "desktop gadgets".To do this, open the "Control Panel" and go to "Programs and Features".In the menu on the left side of the screen, select "Enable / Disable Components Windows».To turn off the unit, remove the check from the line "Platform gadgets Windows», restart your computer.
To remove the plug-in, right-click on the desktop.In poyavishemsya menu, select "View", then deselect the line "Show desktop gadgets."
Off module can be only for a single account, if the system are several.To do this, click "Start" in the search box, type gpedit.msc.In the menu on the left side Open the "Policy", the "Local Computer» → «User Configuration» → «Administrative Templates» → «Components Windows» → «desktop gadgets."Go to the right side of the editor window and click the left mouse button on the line "Disable desktop gadgets."
function can be turned off for all created in the system accounts.To do this, open the "Politics» → «Local Computer» → «Computer Configuration» → «Administrative Templates» → «Components Windows» → «desktop gadgets."Then go to the right side of the editor and double-click the line "Disable desktop gadgets."