you need
  • computer with Internet connection, USB flash drive.
If you simply need to transfer the operating system files on the flash drive without using them later to install it, it is enough to take advantage of Explorer Windows.If the operating system is located on removable media, copy its contents to a computer in a folder.
Insert the flash drive into the USB-port of the computer.Make sure it does not contain the necessary information for you.Before copying desirable to format the flash drive.To do this, open "My Computer" and locate the flash drive is used.Right-click on its icon in the context menu, select the format.Formatting window opens in which you need to click "Format".
Select all operating system files and copy them by pressing the key combination Ctrl +
C.Go to the directory flash and press the key combination Ctrl + V.Begin the process of copying the OS to the media.
If you need to create a bootable flash drive for use as a source operating system during installation, use the UltraISO.Download the distribution of the applications from the Internet and install it on your computer.
If your operating system files are in the folder, first create a disk image file data in a standard way.This can be done in the program UltraISO.To do this, open the app.Using Windows Explorer, located in the lower part of the program, insert the operating system files in the upper window.Open the menu item "Tools" and click "Create Image CD».In the window that opens, enter the name of the next image file, and the format, click "Make".This will create an image of your operating system, located on the hard drive of your computer.
Reopen the program UltraISO.At the top of the window is the menu item "Bootstrapping", click on it.In the list of options, select "Burn hard disk image."In line DiskDrive select your flash drive, and in the line "Image File" - the path to the operating system.In this window, you can also format the flash, if necessary.Then click "Save".This will create a bootable USB flash drive that can be used to install Windows.
Note that similar recording procedure can be done in programs like UltraISO, for example, the program Nero.However UltraISO application easier to use.