you need
  • - any Linux LiveCD.
to repair Grub bootloader you will need a LiveCD or bootable disk on Linux.It is best suited to drive Ubuntu, which is a "living" and the installation disk simultaneously.
Boot from the LiveCD.Once downloaded, run the terminal system («Menu» - «Applications» - «Default apps» - «Terminal») and enter the command:
sudo grub.
Sudo allows you to get root access to run this command, and the request starts the grub shell.Thus, you will find yourself in a shell loader and you are prompted - grub & gt ;.
Next, enter the following command:
find / boot / grub / stage1.
This query will return the place where the loader (eg, hd0,1 or hd0,6).The MBR boot sector is only a small information about grub-e, and when using find you will find all the necessary installation files.
Enter the section obtained in the following query:
root (hdZnachenie, value).
Then install the files to the boot partition of the hard disk:
setup (hd0).
This request sets the boot to the hard drive, and as the second parameter is missing, the installation is performed directly over MBR.
then exit the shell grub:
There is a second way to solve the problem.Boot the Live CD and mount your hard drive in the most convenient location.For example:
mount / dev / hda / media / hard.
Then run the request through the terminal:
sudo grub-install / dev / hda --recheck --root-directory = / media / hard.
recheck option is used to validate the installed file /boot/grub/, and corrects the error of his team.
Remove LiveCD, reboot your computer, and you'll be able to boot into your installed system.