you need
  • OS Windows XP
Open the "Folder Options" - that it, among other options placed and the switch to a simplified more verbose list managementaccess.To open this window, you can through the Control Panel Windows - press win or click "Start" to open the main menu of the operating system, and then there is the appropriate line.If you are using a version of Windows XP, it is necessary to search for this string in the "Settings".After starting the panel, click the line in it, "Appearance and Themes" and in the page that then opens, click on "Fol
der Options."
Click the tab «View" in the window that opens, click Folder Options.Under "Advanced Settings" is placed a list that you have to scroll to the line with the text "Use simple file sharing (recommended)".Have her mark in the associated check box means that the control mode is activated ACL-list, which provides detailed control of the operating system, not the user.Clear the check box, and then press enter, or click on the button OK - the operating system setup and change as a result of the properties of files and folders tab shows the desired « Security ».
use a special utility if you want to make it for you made the above manipulation settings.The utility is called Microsoft Fix it 50053 and established manufacturer of OS Windows - by Microsoft.Download the executable file, weighing 635 kilobytes, you can directly from the corporation for a direct link you download and run just follow the instructions that appear on the screen - all three procedure runs out mouse click on the confirm button.