you need
  • hardware-software solution for data recovery, available at the Laboratory of "Inter";knowledge and experience, are experts at the Laboratory
We find out the reason for the flash drive is not determined by a computer.To do this, first open the "Device Manager" and look for your USB flash drive (memory card), among disk devices.If found, go to the "Disk Manager" and see how the volume defined flash drive.If the stick is not among the disk drives, or Disk Manager Incorrect volume (much less, more, or a message such as "no media"), proceed to the second ste
p.If the media system correctly identified, the likely failure of the logical nature and can be solved by software.
open the casing stick and define what it is made, and if it can be wired to recovery.Unsoldering (namely unsolder memory chip, as seen in the picture to the article) stick and deduct the contents of the programming stick.
Analyzing the contents of the memory dump file (with the "raw" contents of memory chips) that separates user data from the service information, we make the necessary changes to the user data: check the presence of an inversion, transformation within the page, operations on multiple pagesetc.Form a block from the dump for the subsequent assembly of the virtual image.
assembly defines an algorithm specific to the type of controller and the parameters for the assembly of the finished image of the individual blocks.We are putting a virtual image and save the result (user data).As a result, we have taken apart a USB flash drive (or memory card), and so you are unlikely to fix it, but in view of their relatively low cost, the carrier can be neglected, plus the saved data!