Tip 1: How to check the frequency of RAM

One of the main characteristics of the operational memory - is its frequency.The larger it is, the better the performance of the computer.Of course, not only the rate determines the performance of a PC, but it is very important.There are several ways to find out the frequency RAM memory .
you need
  • - program CPUID CPU-Z;
  • - program AIDA64 Extreme Edition.
The easiest way - is to look frequency memory on the package to her, of course, if any.The problem is that this package is given when purchasing expensive models.Alternatively, you can view the warranty sheet, if it is a description of all the individual components of your computer.
But the best way to view memory frequency use special programs.Only with their help it is possible to determine the real frequency , is running on your system memory.One of the most simple programs referred CPUID CPU-Z.But, nevertheless, its functionality will be enough to learn frequency RAM memory .Download and install the ut
ility on your computer.
Start CPUID CPU-Z and go to the tab Memory.In the window that opens, locate the Timing.In this section, locate the DRAM Frequency.Its value is the frequency of operative memory .
You can also find detailed information about each memory module .To do this go to the tab SPD.In the upper left corner there is an arrow.Click on this arrow, and a list of memory slots connect .Choosing a particular slot, you can find information about the module is installed on it.If the screen is blank, it means that you have chosen the memory module slot not installed.
Another program that helps find frequency memory , called AIDA64 Extreme Edition.Install this application on your computer.Run the program.
In the right window, select the component "System Board."In the next window that appears, select the SPD.Then search for "properties memory ».In it, find the line "speed memory ».Accordingly, it is the frequency at which your RAM.Also in this window you can view other settings memory .

Tip 2: How to view memory frequency

Modern personal computer users use a variety of ways.It is possible to write text, tables, and do many other things.Some programs do not require a powerful computer with expensive components.However, there are programs that have high system requirements, and you need to make sure you run the software.Among the parameters of the computer it is one of the most important frequency memory .
How to view memory frequency
you need
  • computer, mouse, Windows 7
Click located at the lower left corner of the desktop "Start" button.In the menu, scroll to "computer" and pointing at it, click the right mouse button.This opens a context menu where you should select "properties."
In the menu that contains the basic information about your computer, you can see the frequency computer in the "system."There is also another option - in the window that opens, select the option "Device Manager."It is located on the left side.
Find from the menu item "CPU" and click on next to him in the form of a triangle button.Frequency is the number (for example, 2.20), and it is measured in gigahertz.This unit is usually indicated in Latin characters, ie GHz.
In the "Device Manager", you can find the most comprehensive information about the devices installed in the system unit of your computer.
Helpful Hint
window containing basic information about your computer, it is easier to see how the memory frequency, and much more related to the operation of your PC.


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