start the procedure you need to run Control Panel.This can be done in the main menu ("Start").In Windows XP, a reference to the start of the panel is placed in the "Setup" main menu.
opening the control panel, run the utility "Add or Remove Programs."
After the utility will make a complete list of installed applications on your computer, you need to find the entry for the remote program with an error.Here you s
hould remember spelling of the name of the program - it will need to search the registry.You can not close the utility, but simply collapse - if necessary, it will be possible to expand and verify the names.
Now, open the Registry Editor Windows.Its executable file is in the system folder of the OS, but it does not necessarily look for - you can use the dialog to run programs.To open it, press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + R. In the dialog, type "regedit" (without the quotation marks) and click «OK».
The first step in the Registry Editor, you should keep a copy of the current settings before editing.To do this, select "Export" in the "File" menu of the editor and keep a copy.From this file, using the item "Import" Menu Editor, you can restore the current state of the registry if the need arises.
Then, the tree branches of the registry in the left pane, go to Uninstall.Full path to be so: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = & gt;SOFTWARE = ​​& gt;Microsoft = & gt;Windows = & gt;CurrentVersion = & gt;Uninstall
In the Uninstall key you need to find the key, referring to remove programs.Look for the following in the left pane of the editor, the title of the program.The name does not have to match exactly with what is written in the list of installed applications - enough similarity of names.Finding a similar key, open it and locate the parameter named DispiayName.Clicking on it, you will see the full name of the program found in the form in which it is recorded in the list of installed programs.If this is what you are looking for - go to the next step, if not - check the other keys section Uninstall.
next step will be the removal of the found registry key - close the list of its key parameters and click the right mouse button.In the context menu you have to select "Delete."
To ensure that the remote program is now not in the list of installed, close the wizard to install and remove programs, and open it again.Master re-scan the registry and make a list of installed applications.