you need
  • computer.
Try turning off the speaker system in the registry of your operating system (Windows).Open the Registry Editor.To do this, open the context menu item desktop "My Computer" and select the appropriate option.Context menu is called by pressing the right mouse button.Also, the registry editor can be called up using the applet "Run."Press the key combination Win + R, type regedit, and press Enter.
In an open Regedit window go to the left pane and select the branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER.In this branch, go to the folder Control Panel, and then Sound.In the right pane displays all the parameters folder Sound.Locate the Beep.If it does not exist, create a new parameter.
To do this, right-click a blank area of ​​the right pane and
select "New".In the menu click on the item "String Value" and name the Beep.Double-click the parameter and enter the new set to No, to disable the alert sound speaker system .
To disable the built-in speaker through the software method, you must run the applet "Device Manager".Click "Start" menu and select "Control Panel."In the window that opens, double-click "System".
In the window that appears, click on the tab "Hardware" and then click "Device Manager."The applet is running, open "View" menu and click on the option "Show hidden devices".Now in the list of devices you need to find and open the section "System devices".Double-click on the line "Internal speaker" and in the properties, select "Disabled."
considered the most radical way off the alarm cable from the internal speaker .You will be enough to remove only one side wall of the system unit and disconnect the cables from the speaker connectors on the motherboard.Himself speaker located near the Power Buttons and Reset.