Tip 1: How to update the network card

to start to find out what network card.It is such a device in your computer, which is used to connect the wires on the LAN and provides you with access to the Internet.All modern computers are already equipped with network cards, but the old computer, you can install it separately.
to our network card is working properly, you need drivers.Includes Windows has the necessary drivers.
Depending on your network needs, you can update the driver.
Very often updates are required, and there is no access to the Internet.In this case, find another way to connect to the network (contact your friends, or in extreme cases, in an internet cafe), download the updates, to throw off their carrier and install on your computer.To download the necessary drivers, you need the number of your network card.
Go to the website of your PC manufacturer.There you'll find that your system requires.Or download the latest version of the drivers and run the install.
now to replace desktop PC
notebooks come.They are other network cards.Often there are problems connecting to the Internet when the error is displayed, "The cable is not connected."If when you say that this is a problem with the network card, not necessarily to take the laptop in for repair.Simply purchase an external network card .It will be cheaper and quicker.

Tip 2: How to update the network card driver

From time to time all the equipment installed in the computer requires a driver update.If a driver for a video card or sound equipment is updated quite frequently, updating drivers for network equipment less attention.Meanwhile, the normal operation of the network card and requires the installation of the latest driver.
How to update the network card driver
you need
  • computer, a network card, Internet access
Depending on the network card driver upgrade in several ways.The first method is suitable in the case, if you have built-in network card.So you did not purchase a single, more functional network card than the one that is already integrated into the motherboard.
Click on the icon "My Computer" right mouse button and then click "Properties".A menu appears with the characteristics of your computer.Click the "Device Manager".Find the line "Network."Click on the arrow in front of this line.Open string with the name of your network card.Click the right mouse button.In the resulting shortcut menu, click "Update Driver."On the contrary line "Use Internet Connection" tick.Will begin the process to automatically update via the Internet.At the end you will be informed about the successful updating drivers.
second option should be used if you have to buy a separate network card other than the one that has already been integrated into the motherboard of your computer because it works exactly as the main on your PC.
Look in the technical documentation the model name of the network card.Write down or remember it.Go to the website of the manufacturer of the network card and select "Files."Next, select "Network Card".A list of network cards of the manufacturer, some of whom are your model.Select the desired model of the network card.You will be prompted to select the operating system.Select your operating system.Begin the process of downloading the driver.
After saving the folder with the drivers on the computer to open it.Locate the file «Setup».Wizard install the driver.With its hints install the driver.The driver is updated.
With the program Carambis Driver Updater you can update old or find new drivers automatically.
Helpful Hint
In the left pane, click Check for updates.To find out if updated drivers are available, click View available updates.Windows Update will list all available updated hardware drivers installed on your computer.If updates are available, click the installed driver, and then click Install.
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