cleaning from dust.Due to the accumulation of dust on the CPU fan is deteriorating hot air outlet.When the processor needs to take on a heavy load, it overheats and "freezes" to cool off and continue.One of these can be hang-up to the last processor.Be sure to clean the computer from dust at least once every 3 months, paying particular attention to the fans - the most dangerous dust accumulates under them.
Increasing the speed of the computer
Cleaning startup.Some applications after installation immediately add themselves to startup.This means that they will be loaded every time you turn on your computer, without asking your permission.And, of course, they will consume part of the computer resources.

To turn off unnecessary programs, press "Start" - "Run" - enter "msconfig" - click "OK" (if y
ou have Windows 7, click "Start" and type "msconfig" into the search box).In the new window, click the "Startup" and disable all applications except the most necessary (for example, antivirus software).
How to increase computer speed
Disable visual effects.If you have a family of operating systems Windows, you can increase the speed of your computer, disabling visual effects (circuit when transferring files to another folder, the shadow of the files on the desktop, etc.).

Right-click the "My Computer", select "Properties", then "Advanced" (or "Advanced System Settings" for Windows 7).In the new window, under the heading "Performance" select "Settings" and click on the "Adjust for best performance".
Increase Computer Speed
Disk Defragmenter.Over time, the information that you store on your computer takes a chaotic form: one small image can be flows like small pieces around the disk, which significantly increases the speed of access to it.

During defragmentation pieces files come together and re-saved on the hard disk.Defragmenting can take several hours.At this time it is strictly forbidden to do anything on your computer, especially to create and delete files and folders.It is also advisable to turn off all programs, including antivirus.The slightest change can result in a failure of the file system and data loss.

to start defragmentation, go to "My Computer", right click on the drive you right click, select "Properties", then go to "Tools" and click "Defragment".
Increase Computer Speed
Cleaning hard drive.Over time, the disk accumulates a lot of redundant information (the error log, cookies, rubbish from the old applications, etc.).Clean the disc, you can use the popular program CCleaner.You can download it for free from the official website of the developer -
Increase Computer Speed
Increase the paging file.If the computer needs more RAM than there are in the computer, it tries to use a portion of the hard disk.This part is called the swap file.

To change the paging file, go to the menu disabling visual effects (see. Step 3), select the "Advanced" tab and click "Edit."Here in the minimum and maximum size can enter "8192".Be sure to click "Ask", otherwise the changes will not be saved.
Increase Computer Speed
Increase the paging file by using the stick.This syllogism can significantly increase the speed of your computer.Buy it at any computer store or kiosk inexpensive USB flash drive volume 8 or 16 GB.Connect it to your computer and select it to the maximum possible value of the paging file.Thus, with a shortage of memory the computer will not switch to the hard drive, and so on who goes to considerable load and the stick.
Increase Computer Speed
Buying RAM.Sometimes speed up your computer by standard methods is not possible - does not allow iron.In this case, you can buy the cheapest and one of the most important components of a computer - memory.But in this question too many nuances, so it is better ask for help from someone from friends or call home computer wizard.
Increase Computer Speed
Buying a second hard drive.If you love to do on the computer several things at once (eg search the Internet for information, to the music, alternately talking to friends on ICQ, or Skype) - you force the hard drive to perform triple work.But it is in the operating system.And the swap file too.It turns out that even the average user hard disk is constantly loaded with a lot of problems that not only slows down the speed of his work, but also can be the cause of premature failure.

How to solve this problem?Of course, buying a second hard disk.One will be responsible for the operating system and applications, and the second - for the storage of data and the paging file.This is one of the most effective methods of increasing the speed of the computer and used it in many large companies.
Increase Computer Speed
Reinstall your operating system.There are cases (for example, after the virus activity) when the operating system is so cluttered or damaged that it is almost impossible to recover.In this case, the only solution is to reinstall it.
Increase Computer Speed