you need
  • - Sam Drivers;
  • - access to the Internet.
To find network drivers cards can be used a variety of methods.First try to find the necessary files, visit the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment.If you are setting up a mobile computer, it makes sense to visit the website of the developers of this device.
Download the files.Using WinZip or her counterpart extract them from the archive.Now press "Start" and right-click on the item "My Computer."Go to the properties of the PC.
Open the "Device Manager" and locate the network adapter.Go to the properties of the device.Select "Drivers" and click "Update."In the next dialog menu, select "Install from a specific location."
Now select a folder on your hard drive where the unzipped drivers.W
ait for the automatic selection of the necessary files and installing them.
The main problem is that it is not always possible to connect to the Internet without using a network card.In such cases, recommend the use of additional tools, such as Sam Drivers.
Run dia-drv.exe folder Sam Drivers.Wait for the program will scan the connected devices.After the download is complete, select the checkbox utility items related to network devices such as LAN Atheros and LAN Others.
Click "Install selected" pull-down menu and select option "Typical installation".Confirm the installation of unverified drivers.Restart your computer after you complete this operation.
Open Device Manager and make sure that the network card is working properly.If the program does not automatically picked up the drivers, use the method described in the third and fourth steps.At the same time, specify the folder in which you installed the program Sam Drivers.