Split disk into multiple partitions, you can use special software or by the OS itself - this feature is present in Windows 7. To partition a disk utility standard Windows, right-click on the icon "MyComputer "and select the context menu" Management ".
In the window "Computer Management" locate and open the section "Managing disk of."You will see disk partitions , including hidden - if they exist on your computer.Hidden partitions do not touch, your task is to break disk With two or more sections.
Right click on the C drive and select the context menu "Shrink Volume ..." window will pop up a request under the compress
ion space, wait until a place is found.A new window, the default parameters specified therein corresponding partition disk roughly in half.The line "The size of compressed space" shows the size of the new drive .If it does not suit you, just change it.Then click "Shrink."
After performing compression on the disc will be unallocated space.Click the right-hand mouse button and select the context menu "New Simple Volume."Volume Creation Wizard starts, click "Next".In the specified size of the volume do not touch anything, press "Next".In the next window, select the drive letter for the volume - for example, D, and again click "Next".Then, select the option of formatting the new volume in the NTFS, tick the line "Quick Format."After formatting, the new drive is ready to use.
In the event that you need to break up the drive to the new computer, no operating system, use a bootable CD-triggered disk utility Acronis Disk Director.This program has a very great potential to work with of disk, it can be used not only for their partition, but also to recover lost partitions after various failures.
When the program starts, select "Manual", it will give you a full range of options for working with of disk.The process of decomposition is very simple, but learn that the program does not perform all actions directly, but only stores them in memory.To implement the changes, click in the menu item "Run" or click the icon in the form of start-up check box.