you need
  • - program to manage disk drives.
Reduce the size of the removable storage device using the breakdown stick into two sections, one of which must be supported by the device volume.The second section is hidden, you can copy it to any information - it will be open only on the computer.Also, some of the program when the breakdown is not encrypted partition, in this case, recognizes the connection of two devices.
To perform this action, there are many suitable software tools, use, for example, Acronis or Partition Magic.Please note that many of them are free, so to carry out actions with a removable storage device you will also need to purchase a license.
Go to the menu and format your removable drive, after having made a co
py of it located in the files to the hard disk of the computer, if necessary.
Follow the creation of two divisions and one encrypt using password protection.The second section in the format supported by the device file system (more about this in the user guide).
Copy the files that you need to work with the store, on his unprotected section.Then check the operation stick .If it is still not recognized by the system, try to format it in another file system.
Also, please make sure that the disc is fixed, there are no broken sector, USB-connector device is working properly and so on.Also specify size when broken down to the nearest byte.Make sure that you do not have mixed sections.
Also check your removable drive for viruses and check whether the device read other flash cards.Subsequently, the drive simply purchase a small volume rather than manipulate conventional stick.