stick Preparing to install Ubuntu

To create a bootable USB drive with Ubuntu, use the WinSetupFromUSB.Download the installation file WinSetupFromUSB 1.0 can be multiple resources of the Internet for free.Install the software on your computer and run it.Confirm the correct drive USB.Highlight Auto format it with FBinst.Next, highlight Linux ISO / Other Grub4dos compatible ISO and specify the path to the drive Ubuntu.The computer will display a dialog box asking you to name the boot menu - select an arbitrary name.Click the Go button to create the installation stick Ubuntu.Keep in mind that in the course of loading all files that may have been stored on a flash drive before, will be erased.

Setting up your computer

To authorize the installation from a USB drive you need to make changes to the computer settings.To do this, download the BIOS and set the USB flash drive as the first hard drive and the first boot device in the boot device priority.Do not forget to save your changes when you exit the BIOS and reboot the computer do.

Installing Ubuntu

Immediately after booting the computer from a flash card displays a dialog box to select the language and use cases: Ubuntu install or run it without installation.Confirm "Install UbuntuĀ», the system language, you can choose Russian.The next step will require the installation wizard to check the availability of space and will ask to confirm the installation of third-party software.This provision applies to codecs, and better download it.Follow the instructions on the screen until the installation wizard will not report the discovery of another operating system (Windows).There are several options: Windows, you can remove or install Ubuntu as the second operating system.As for the third option advanced users and is an independent hard disk partitioning.

most convenient option - installing Ubuntu as the second system.Select this option and follow the instructions.It should be borne in mind that after pressing the "Install Now" will be amended in the existing partitions and create new ones.This process will take some time.The next step is to select the actual time zone, keyboard layout and create an account.

After making all the data will start installing Ubuntu on your computer.Upon completion of the installation will prompt you to restart your computer.